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Facilities Use Contract


Athletic Facilities Rental Usage
Policies and Procedures

The California Baptist University (“CBU”) Athletics Department is pleased that you have chosen our facility to host your event.  Our staff has high standards for service and will work with you to make your event a success.

This material was produced to help patrons of the CBU Athletics Department facilities understand the guidelines that govern the use of Athletics Department facilities.  Since CBU Athletics Department facilities are in high demand among campus organizations and outside parties, it is imperative that clients follow specific policies and procedures to ensure the most efficient and effective use of the facility.

The policies and procedures of the CBU Athletics Department are subject to change.  As in any human endeavor, there may be circumstances with respect to a specific event that may merit special consideration.  The CBU Athletics Department staff is willing to discuss any special requests for these unique events.

Accommodations on the basis of disability are available by contacting the CBU Athletics Department at (951) 343-5021.

Consistent with the stated mission and purpose of the CBU Athletics Department, and to ensure maximum efficient and fair use of the CBU Athletics Department facilities, the following policies govern the reservation and use of facilities.  Under the guidance of the Director of Athletics, the Athletic Facilities Office is responsible for all room reservation and coordination of all services related to these reservations.
Facility Use and Rental

The CBU Athletics Department provides a wide range of facility use for students, faculty, staff, alumni, University community, and guests of the University.  The CBU Athletics Department Office is located on the 2nd floor of the Van Dyne Gym. The office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Telephone: 951-343-4318; Fax: 951-689-4754.

A.    Facility Reservations

Space shall be reserved through the CBU Athletics Department Facilities Office and is assigned on a first-request basis.  The CBU Athletics Department reserves the right to move a group to another space. Every effort will be made to provide comparable space and/or service. The CBU Athletics Department facilities are available for reservation by calling 941-343-5021.  A printed confirmation of the reservation is available upon request from the CBU Athletics Department Facilities Office.  Any charges for room rental, food, technical fees, audio visual rentals or damages not covered by a purchase order or an advance deposit must be paid within thirty (30) days after the function.  Price quotations given for room rental, technical fees and/or audiovisual rentals more than three months in advance are subject to change.  There will be an additional twenty five percent (25%) service charge for events scheduled on official University holidays.  A University holiday schedule is available in the CBU Athletics Office upon request.  Failure to pay the account in full will result in the account being turned over to the University for collection.  Since meeting/program space in the CBU Athletics Department facilities is in high demand, requests should be submitted as far in advance as possible.  The deadline for submitting a reservation is two complete working days in advance of the event.  The CBU Athletics Department can serve each group only to the extent of the information received.  Clients are encouraged to be as accurate and complete as possible when requesting space.

B.    Facility Cancellations and No-Show Policy

Cancellations must be in written form and submitted to the CBU Athletics Department Facilities Office as soon as possible.  On standard room reservations, a 24-hour written notice of cancellation is necessary to avoid being charged in full.

C.    Physical Arrangements

The CBU Athletics Department staff will assist in planning the physical set-up for all functions.  The CBU Athletics Department will supply podiums on a complimentary basis. Set-up and equipment needs should be requested at the time of the reservation.  The CBU Athletics Department Facilities Office must receive this information at least two (2) full working days prior to the event. Late requests cannot always be honored due to equipment, staff and time limitations. Orders are filled on a first-request basis. If equipment is not available, the customer will be notified.  Audiovisual equipment is available for rent at an additional charge.

D.    Room Condition and Available Times
The condition of all facilities is checked before and after each event. Persons and organizations using the space are held responsible for turning out lights and leaving the room in the same condition in which it was found (except for catering items).  Furniture in any of the rooms should not be removed.  Any need for adjustments in room arrangements must be made through the CBU Athletics Facilities office.  Please wipe up spills immediately.  In case of an emergency, you will be given a number to contact.

E.    Lost and Found

While the CBU Athletics Department is not responsible for lost or stolen merchandise or personal items, in the event of a lost item, please contact the CBU Athletics Department Facilities Office at 951-343-5021 or 951-343-4318.

F.    Parking

Parking at the facility during your event is available without a permit, however, you may be asked to park in a designated parking lot or space.

G.    Non-Smoking Facilities

California Baptist University is non-smoking campus. Guests who wish to smoke must exit the campus to do so.
Special Charges

A.     Special Service Charges

Special service charges will apply in the event the reserved space requires extra clean-up, non-customary set-up, or if the facility is damaged in any way.  Tape, nails, or tacks cannot be put on any surface in the CBU Athletics Department facilities.  Any damage to any surface will result in a damage fee, and the offending item will be immediately removed.

B.     Overtime

A charge of $75 per hour will be applied to any group or function requiring the room to remain open after 12 a.m. or any portion thereof.

C.     Payment of Services

For non-University groups, the CBU Athletics Department requires a down payment upon receipt of the signed contract, in the amount of $100. The full payment of the total estimated cost of the function is required within (30) thirty days after completion of the event.  Any reservation request submitted by an organization or individual with an outstanding debt will automatically be rejected.  The balance must be paid in full before the request will be processed.
Decorating and Security

A.     Decorating Policy

All decorations must adhere to the California Baptist University decorating policies.  It is the intent of this policy to protect the interior of the CBU Athletics Department facilities and to protect the client from incurring damage charges. Additionally, decorating policies adhere to fire safety regulations.  All decorations must be pre-approved by the Athletics Facilities Director.

     -No items can be attached to the walls or hung from the ceiling. The use of tape, nails, staples, or tacks is strictly prohibited. Any damage to building surfaces will result in a damage fee and the offending items will be immediately removed.
    -The sponsoring group will be charged for excessive litter, and therefore unusual clean-up, caused by the decorations and/or literature associated with the event.

    -Do not use anything in an aerosol can such as spray glue, spray glitter, spray snow, or spray paint.

-The use of flammable materials such as straw, hay, and evergreens is prohibited.

-No glitter or confetti may be used.

- Anything left in the facility will be thrown away after the event.

-No torches or lanterns are allowed on CBU Athletics Department premises, including exterior space.

-Alteration of existing CBU Athletics Department decoration is prohibited. Any violation of the above rules will result in a damage charge and/or loss of rental privileges.

B.     Security Personnel

All security must be arranged through the CBU Public Safety Office.  When required, the CBU Athletics Department will employ one (1) security person per seventy-five (75) people attending the function, at prevailing rates and at the CBU Public Safety Office’s discretion. The organization or group will be charged for any fees involved. The CBU Public Safety Office reserves the right to require an additional number of security officers for any event.

C.     Liability

The sponsor shall be responsible for the activities and actions of their guests and agents. The sponsoring group is responsible for all damages. The CBU Athletics Department reserves the right to inspect and control all functions. The CBU Athletics Department will not assume responsibility for the damage to, or loss of, any merchandise or personal property.


A.     Catering Policy

Arrangements for catering and refreshments must be coordinated through Provider Food Service at (951) 343-4546. No outside food or beverage is allowed to be brought into the facility.

Please direct any questions to:

California Baptist University
Attention:  Athletics Department
8432 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside, CA 92504
Ph. (951) 343-4318
Fax: (951) 689-4754

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