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Athletic Performance

Christopher Bates
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Hillary Belmont
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach


FIRST, DO NO HARM (Primum Non Nocere) We emphasize remedial motor control and movement patterns, cautiously progressing and expeditiously regressing the motor skills and movement prescriptions of out student-athletes. This is all done through periodized training programs.
EDUCATION Instead of simply encouraging our student-athletes to mindlessly follow orders during their training, we labor to teach them what we're training and why we're training the way we do.
PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT Our mission and aim is to maximize each individual's athletic potential and to prepare them for the physical, mental and spiritual rigors of athletics and competition.


WE "TRAIN LIKE SPORT" Our exercises and movements will often times be dynamic, with and against gravity, efficiently utilizing ground reaction forces and momentum, all of which are important variables in sports and human movement.

WE TRAIN MOVEMENTS, RATHER THAN JUST MUSCLES Many injuries, both chronic and acute, are a result of faulty movement patterns. Therefore, our staff teaches the foundations of proper movement patterns, allowing the student-athlete to safely progress to higher levels of training that is built upon efficient neuromuscular recruitment, as well as increased muscle mass and strength.

WE DEVELOP HOLISTIC ATHLETIC POTENTIAL The Athletic Performance program seeks to develop not only the quantitative variables of athleticism such as strength, power, and speed, but we also desire to facilitate more qualitative characteristics in our student-athletes such as responsibility, integrity, courage, respect, and communication, to name a few.

WE TRAIN CHAOTICALLY Sports competitions can often be described as chaotic, with cheering fans, and many other visual, audible, and tactile stimuli. Therefore, utilizing the CHAOS Training Model athletes are challenged to accurately predict and take action quickly in response to what they see, hear, or feel in order to anticipate a play happening, within a simulated chaotic environment.

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Friday , October 10
Women's Volleyball vs. Academy of Art - 6:50 pm
Saturday , October 11
Women's Volleyball vs. Notre Dame de Namur - 6:50 pm